Planning Retreats

COMP Division Executive Committee Planning Retreats

The COMP Division Executive Committee holds regular meetings twice a year at the ACS National Meetings, in keeping with the Division Bylaws. These meetings are held on the Saturday afternoon immediately preceding each ACS National Meeting. The Executive Committee welcomes input on items for discussion at these meetings from all COMP members. These regular meetings are short, and they are largely consumed with routine business. There is insufficient time for thorough consideration or discussion of strategic topics or for long-range planning. Thus, in order to have time for substantive discussions of issues important to the Division, the Executive Committee holds planning retreats once a year. These retreats are for a day and a half over a weekend. The retreats provide time for in-depth discussions of strategies and long-range plans for the Division. The Executive Committee welcomes input of items for consideration and discussion at these meetings from all COMP members.

The planning retreat locations have been chosen by the Chair of the Division. Often they have been held where the Chair lives. Other times the location has been chosen to minimize travel and lodging costs for the entire Executive Committee. They have recently been held in the winter, early in the Chair’s one-year term.