ACS COMP Undergraduate Poster Award

The ACS COMP Undergraduate Poster Award was started in 2013 by Jeffery D Evanseck and organized by Scott A Wildman. The program was continued by Maria Nagan and is currently organized by Ashley Ringer McDonald.

The Spring 2022 Winners (San Diego)

Trine Quady

Portland State University

Francesco Pecere

Macalester College

Jill Addington

Western Washington University

The Fall 2016 Winners (Philadelphia)

Edwin Fluck

Encapsulation of Sugar Alcohols with Foldamers

Jessica Niblo

Solvent Effects on the Reactivity of C-amino-1-methyl-1,2,4-triazoles

Lucas VanLaar

Applied HF to Characterize Fundamental Atomic Properties

Zachary Graziano

Ice Nucleation at Mineral Surfaces via MD

ACS Boston Fall 2015 (CHED poster session)

Julia Rogers, Tufts University

Using structural bioinformatics to design glycopeptides with enhanced secondary structure

Mentor: Prof. Yu-Shan Lin

Khushali Parikh, Wilkes University

Electronic structure studies of copper dioxygen complexes

Mentor: Prof. Adriana Dinescu

Melissa Cadena, Texas A&M International University

Thermochemical study of halocarbons: Brominated methane, ethane, ethylene, and acetylene derivatives

Mentor: Prof. Kameron Jorgensen