NVIDIA GPU Award for Best GPU Poster

The NVIDIA GPU Award for Best GPU Poster rewards those researchers who have demonstrated outstanding computational chemistry research carried-out using a GPU, whether; (1) programming new GPU-accelerated algorithms or (2) performing simulations with a GPU-accelerated software application, e.g., AMBER, NAMD, GROMACS, LAMMPS, TeraChem, GAMESS or other computational chemistry packages or (3) both

Winners receive a professional workstation-level GPU (determined by NVIDIA and may change based on availability).

The rules (read carefully!):

Please contact  the ACS COMP awards committee (acs.comp.awards AT gmail.com) for more information or if you have any questions.


Previous NVIDIA GPU Award for Best GPU Poster Winners

The Spring 2022 Winner

Melisa Alkan, Iowa State University, Development of highly scalable multi-GPU quantum chemistry codes in GAMESS and applications to homogeneous catalysis (pictured at the ceremony with awards co-chair Adrian Roitberg)

The Fall 2014 Winner (San Francisco, California; 248th National ACS Meeting; August 2014)

The Spring 2014 Winner (Dallas, Texas; 247th National ACS Meeting; March 2014)

The Fall 2013 Winner (Indianapolis, Indiana; 246th National ACS Meeting; September 2013)