Annual Reports in Computational Chemistry (ARCC)

Annual Reports in Computational Chemistry (ARCC) were published by the Division of Computers in Chemistry (COMP) of the American Chemical Society from 2005 to 2013 and focused on providing timely reviews of topics important to researchers in the field of computational chemistry. The ARCC was published and distributed by Elsevier and was sponsored by the COMP Division. COMP members in good standing received a copy of the ARCC as part of their membership benefits. The ARCC was assembled entirely by volunteers in order to produce a high-quality scientific publication at the lowest possible cost.

The Editors (listed below) extend their gratitude to the many people who have given their time to make this publication possible.

ARCC Editors

Volume 1: 2005

David C. Spellmeyer (Editor); T. Daniel Crawford (Section Editor: Quantum Mechanical Methods); Carlos Simmerling (Section Editor: Molecular Modeling Methods); Yvonne C. Martin (Section Editor: Advances in QSAR/QSPR); Heather A. Carlson (Section Editor: Applications of Computational Methods); Theresa Zielinski (Section Editor: Chemical Education); Ralph Wheeler (Section Editor: Emerging Science)

Volume 2: 2006

Volume 3: 2007

Volume 4: 2008

Volume 5: 2009

Volume 6: 2010

Volume 7: 2011

Volume 8: 2012

Volume 9: 2013