Fall Exec Meeting {Virtual}

Chair – introduction to Dan & refresher on platform he ran on (getting COMP division talks prioritized and placed in correct room)

Mentioned that Gordon for 2021 is currently still planned for in-person

Plans to try pushing against ACS programming

Website updates – some of the photos are old/distorted, will ask extended exec for photos

Seonah will request update/input for newsletter, plan to distribute after Thanksgiving

Secretary's report


Councilors & Alts

Emilio Gallicchio introduced himself

- Recently interested in undergrad research & interdisciplinary projects

Paul Beroza

- Thinks we can leverage ties between academia & industry better

Treasurers report:

- IRS has accepted our tax return

- By end of 2020, Lewis will provide estimated budget for 2021

- Significantly under budget this year, by about 80k under estimate (due to not having expenses from national meetings)

- Plan to vote on budget for 2021 previous to submission of forms

- Informed about rate increase for division to support sponsorship of National Award from 7.5k to 17.5k –

o Plan to connect with other divisions, as PHYS is also small and doesn’t have huge available budget, plan to rebut ACS together on this increase with other divisions

o Plan to reach out to industry/software companies

o Some concern over attaching software/industry name to National Award, could potentially poll membership, but since award is granted by blinded committee, shouldn’t really be a problem…


- No decline in the number of applicants for Fall

- Everyone who has gotten junior faculty award has gotten Tenure – better predictor (slightly) than getting NSF career award

- For Fall, zoom meeting worked out nicely, great to give winners the chance to speak

- Plan to keep this up even when we go back to in-person, perhaps in different venue….

- Missing Nvidia because that’s judged at the meeting

o Will ask them if the can switch, maybe have people give mini talk to judges

- Still no deadline for awards… wait on ACS


- Call for late stage grad students, postdocs, people of color to be first time reviewers

- Email Emilio with names to add to list

o emilio@exeResearch.com or emilio.esposito@gmail.com I’ll email you the details


- Jana will need to step down given chair position

- Fall National Meeting

o Looked to be pretty well attended

- Will be a meeting 11/12/20 to discuss proposal for Spring meeting

o Deadline not yet published for abstracts

o Suggest that we operate under the assumption meeting will be virtual

- Thinking maybe we should prioritize grad/postdocs as only people talking under official channel, that way they can put talk on CV

- Reserve “parallel” zoom for non-student speakers / invited symposium

- Set up subgroup committee to further disccuss parallel COMP hosted symposium to involve invited speakers & host live talks

- Something for undergrads?

BIPOC in COMP IPG accepted

- 7.5k

- Want multiple chairs

- Want to hold off for in person

LatinXChem was a good model for poster session, lots of participation on Twitter

For undergrads, want to do poster session outside of official channel, 1 minute youtube videos hosted on our website

PHYS wants to collaborate on undergrad awards, but we should still own


- Alex Dickson to be next programming chair

- Want to have 3 co-chairs

- Would be good to have rotation in & out of programming, but in a balanced way so institutional knowledge isn’t lost

- Want representation from industry too

- Seonah will send Doodle poll for next meeting on Programming

Would be useful to have description of position responsibilities on COMP website (specifically programming chair & councilors in particular)