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COMP Awards Winners | 2020 Fall & Spring

2020 COMP Election Results

  • Division Chair Elect 2021, Chair 2022: Jana Shen

  • Councilor 2021-2023: Emilio Gallicchio

  • Alternate Councilor 2021-2023: Robert Paton

  • Secretary 2021-2023: Katrina Lexa

Thank you to everyone who voted in the COMP election!

COMP Election 2020.pdf

Biographies & Statements of the 2020 Candidates

The 2020 election for COMP chair, councilor, alt-councilor, and assistant secretary has begun. Let your voice be heard by voting in the election! Deadline for voting is 10/12/2020.

All current COMP members will receive an official ballot to their ACS-registered email.

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2019 Fall COMP Newsletter

2019 COMP Elections Biographies & Statements of the 2019 Candidates

COMP Award Winners | Fall 2019 for the San Diego ACS National Meeting (Aug 25-29, 2019)