Presenter Information

Member Contributed Presentations

The field of computational chemistry is ever expanding and the COMP membership is one of the most diverse in the ACS due to the wide scoping nature of our field. To reflect the heterogeneous character of the COMP division, the Member Contributed COMP Symposia include:

Computational Study of Water - Daniel Sindhikara

Drug Discovery (ADME/Tox, Informatics, Ligand-based, Methodology, Structural Bioinformatics & Target-base) - Yufeng Jane Tseng & Melissa Landon

Materials Science - Christine Aikens

Membranes - Michael Feig

Molecular Mechanics (Applications, Electrostatics & Polarization, Force Field Development, Methodology, and Proteins) - Michael Feig

Quantum Chemistry (Applications, Methodology, and Quantum Dynamics & Monte Carlo Simulations) - Euegene DePrince

The COMP Poster Session - H. Lee Woodcock

Abstract Submissions

All abstracts must be submitted via the MAPSystem ( ) by the submission deadline. Late abstracts will not be accepted. Submission deadlines for the upcoming year are posted during August of the current year and are posted here under the upcoming meeting. You will need your ACS ID to submit your abstract(s). If you do not have an ACS ID, they are free and you can create one by clicking the link in the blue 'Registering is easy' button on the login screen; see the first action below. Click here for more information about ACS IDs. Click the white 'Save' button in the lower right to save your abstract and complete it at a later time.

  • Go to

  • Login with your ACS ID

  • Click the appropriate National Meeting (e.g., 253rd ACS National Meeting & Exposition, San Francisco, California)

  • Click the 'Submit or Edit an Abstract' link

  • Click the 'Create New Submission' button on the left under the blue 'View Submissions' banner

  • This link takes you to Step 1 with a listing of all the Divisions. Scroll down to the COMP division, click the dot to the left of COMP, and then click the blue 'Continue' button in the lower right to continue. Confirm your selection.

  • Step 2: Enter your title and abstract. Click the blue 'Save & Continue' button in the lower right to continue.

  • Step 3: Select your 'Presentation Type' (oral or poster) and the preferred 'Symposium' to submit your abstract. You must also indicate if you want your abstract considered for Sci-Mix, although only POSTER submissions will be considered. Click the blue 'Save & Continue' button in the lower right to continue.

  • Step 4: Add additional authors. Click the blue 'Save & Continue' button in the lower right to continue.

  • Step 5: Answer the questions on the 'Disclosure' form. Please indicate if you are an 'Undergraduate Student', 'Graduate Student', or 'Postdoctoral Scholar'. Click the blue 'Save & Continue' button in the lower right to continue.

  • Step 6: Review your submission, make any changes that are needed, and click the blue 'Submit' button in the lower right to submit your abstract. Your abstract cannot be considered for presentation unless it is completely submitted.

Editing Abstracts and Abstract/Document IDs

After submitting your abstract there might be the need to edit your abstract or you might need to contact the symposium organizer about your abstract. The directions below explain how to view your draft and submitted abstracts along with the Document ID. If you have submitted your abstract, the Document ID is provided in the subject line of the successful submission email. The email is sent to you by the MAPSystem with the subject 'ACS 250 Abstract Submitted'. Alternatively, you can determine the Document ID for your abstract by:

  • Go to

  • Login with your ACS ID

  • Click the 'Submit or Edit an Abstract' link. This link takes you to the page that shows your Drafts and Submissions.

  • In order to edit an abstract, it must be moved from 'Under Review' to 'Draft'. Select 'Edit' from the Action pulldown to the left of the abstract title, and confirm that you wish to edit. The selected abstract will be moved to 'Drafts' and can then be edited.

  • To complete editing, you must complete the 'Review and Submit' process again. If this is not done, your abstract will not be considered for presentation.

Your submitted abstract(s) will be available for you to review and edit. The abstract number is listed under ID column, the third column. Please make sure you provide the Document ID for the abstract of interest when contacting symposium organizers or the COMP Programming Board.

Member Contributed Talks

Each speaker is provided 30 minutes to present his or her work (25 minute talk and 5 minute Question and Answer session). Talks on a common subject are presented together, providing the audience and speakers a cohesive experience

Speakers are responsible to provide their own method (portable computer or tablet with the ability to connect with a VGA display) to of display their presentation. The ACS provides an LCD projector and screen for each session. Overhead or slide projectors are not provided. Laser pointers may or may not be provided and sometimes work... Bring your own.

Visa Letter

When applying for a Visa to attend the ACS meeting you will need a personalized Visa letter. These are available once your abstract has been accepted to the meeting. To obtain the Visa Letter, sometime referred to as a disposition letter or acceptance notice, for your abstract please do the following:

  • Go to

  • Login with your ACS ID

  • Click the 'Submit or Edit an Abstract' link. This link takes you to the page that shows your Drafts and Submissions.

  • Click the 'Messages' box in the black bar at the top of the page. The 'Messages' box is in the upper-right between 'Your Name' and 'Help'.

  • Select the option for 'Visa Letters' from the drop-down list to display your accepted abstracts.

  • There will be Visa Letters for each of your submitted abstracts. Click the 'View Visa Letter' link to download the Visa Letter as a PDF.


Posters must occupy no more than an area of 4 feet tall by 6 feet wide. The ACS provides a posert board and pushpins at all poster sessions. Please post your poster at your assigned abstract number; consult the technical program to determine your abstract number.


Those selected by the COMP programming board to present their poster at the Sci-Mix session (Monday evening from 8pm to 10pm) but do not present their poster during the Sci-Mix session must inform the comp programming board otherwise their poster will be indicated as a "no show" by the ACS.