Women in COMP

The COMP division of the ACS believes in the potential of young women in science and wants to foster their engagement in theoretical/computational chemistry. With the aim of inspiring young women in pursuing their career as computational and theoretical chemists, COMP has organized the “Women in COMP” symposium at the 2019 Fall National Meeting in San Diego, California. The symposium will include both graduate students and post-docs, while established women PIs that will share their research and career experience, such mentoring the next generation of women in computational chemistry. The symposium will include short oral presentations from the participants and plenary lectures from eminent women scientists from both academia and industry. This is a unique opportunity that COMP offers to help young women in recognizing themselves as computational and theoretical chemists, fostering their motivation in pursuing a career as a theoretician in academia or industry.

Organizers: Giulia Palermo (University of California Riverside), Maria Nagan (Stony Brook University) and Kira A. Armacost (Merck).